Introducing the Deep Sweep

I’m pleased to announce the deep sweep.

The deep sweep is a sweepy attachment designed for those using the C3D 65mm spindle kit. It’s just the lower half of sweepy, but has been extended to allow for more air flow around a longer spindle head.

These should be made available early next week at the latest.

Note this is only compatible with the 65mm sweepy 2.0 and not the 69mm version (for hopefully obvious reasons).


This is bigger news for me then the SO5 :slight_smile: I’ve been waiting for this well, since the spindle was installed. Signed up for notifications.

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To all responsible…thank you for the product names.


Huzzah! Thank you very much. Will be ordering a spindle soon.

Any chance of a medium sweepy?
The regular is bit too short (for my set up constraints) and the deep seems to be just a bit too deep.
A goldilocks version would be nice, thanks.

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Agreed, deep sweep is too deep.

I had to lower the spindle a bit to allow me to move the deep sweep higher on the body, but that starts to not only impact max Z clearance, but also toolchanges as the highest Z position is now overall a bit lower, so less clearance for tool changes.

Can you give me some more detail on your setup? Material thickness, end mills etc?

We did a bunch of testing and between the bit length and body adjustment it should cover the majority of setups.


HI Luke,

My situation may not fit within one of your test case situations since I am using it a bit different then your product page description would imply as I don’t have a spindle.

I am using it with the compact router mounted in the ZPlus.
I have the router as low in the mount as it goes and sweepy as high up under the mount as it will go.

I do not adjust the sweepy location (set it and forget it) for the reason that I have no room for error since if it wasn’t put back in the exact location/orientation each time, it would hit my enclosure during a trip to the BitSetter.

For this reason the normal sweepy is a bit too high off of the surface (still great to have it running though catching a bullk of the cuttings)
The base of the bristles when I install the Deep Sweep line up just below the end of a 1/4” end mill. This will be great for surfacing and taking a skim layer off, but doesn’t leave much room for any deeper of a cut.

The normal sweepy whistles pretty good with the vacuum which could lead someone to say it is a bit restrictive and a wider tunnel height could benefit the air flow. The Deep sweep is whisper quiet and doesn’t seem to restrict air flow with the larger tunnel.

Thanks for listening.

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@Luke , here you go

T-slot bit from lee valley. With the sweepy as far up as I can go, and I think I’ve moved my spindle down 1CM from the default recommended position in the Z-bracket.

(I can put more stickout in the bit obviously, but never ideal to have stickout when you can avoid it)

Wouldn’t this be a good tool to use the original bottom with?


The above would not be a recommended way to use sweepy. You have a real risk of if being pushed off sideways.

I’d be raising the router and using the original.


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