Introducing the ER11 Carbide Compact Router

We have talked about this a number of times in the past.

They are finally here!


Glad to see them going out into the wild. The beta y’all sent me has been running strong on multiple machines for a while now. :slight_smile:


Hey Luke - quick suggestion… there is no mention on the product page about the canister diameter/size of the ER11 router (ie: will this will fit the same (‘standard’) mount as the ‘base’ router, or are any of the HD mounts required to seat it)… Might be worth including something of this nature somewhere within the promo shpeel?!?

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Just a note that there is a ⅜" collect available for the Makita/Carbide Compact Router for like $10. It’s pretty minimal and probably isn’t precision made.

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@WLDOR Agreed on it being stated on the product page. It is the same 65mm as the C3D Compact and Makita.

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It’s there near the bottom of the product page.

RPM: 12,000 - 30,000 Body Diameter: 65mm Maximum Cutter Diameter: .25

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To be fair, I just added that based on @WLDOR above.


Ah that makes sense, I thought the others hadn’t seen it because it was hidden after the rpm range.

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Besides collet, does the router differ in any way from the original Carbide Router?

What’s the advantage of this router over the router that came with my shapeoko 4? I’m looking to get a backup/replacement one soon. Is it more durable?

The advantage is the collet system, ER-11 which is an industry standard, so has collets available in a wide array of sizes and which is designed so as to afford a wider clamping range for a given collet.

A further consideration is that it locks the collets and nuts together, which is nice in that the nut will draw out the colletc, but most folks get one nut per collet which increases expense.

Everything else about the twain should be the same.

Reasons to get the ER-router:

  • need to use odd/metric size endmills
  • want a system which pulls the collet out minimizing it being stuck
  • planning on updating to an ER-11 spindle
  • owning both a Nomad and a Shapeoko — same collet and wrenches for both machines
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I have been running the ER carbide router in nothing but aluminum with 1/8’ up to 8mm single flutes at 20-24k for around 80 hours and it has held up fine. I bought some quality collets and nuts and like not having to pop the collet out of the nut every time I change collets. It reduces my odds of droping them or getting a chip stuck in the nut seat.

One thing to watch for is always check that the collet is clean and there is nothing stuck in the slots or it wont clamp properly. Also end mills with a larger than 1/4" shank need more clamping pressure to keep them from slipping.

I mainly use metric mills because they are more affordable and the ER collets keep me from running reducers. The reducer worked but its not as good of a hold and they are not cheap.


I will note that many sizes of metric collets are available from a 3rd party for the Makita R0700/0701 — these also fit the regular Carbide Compact Router:


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