Introducing the Shapeoko 5 Pro

Here’s the official announcement:

…and here’s the new product page:


Looks amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on one! Good job development team!


Santa will probably need a larger sleigh this year :+1:


Well that may have been an expensive Monday morning read for me. That ticks just about every box I could have wanted.

  • Rails and Ballscrews :white_check_mark:
  • 48" width :white_check_mark:
  • HDZ standard :white_check_mark:
  • Bitsetter not being in the way :white_check_mark:
  • Power E-stop/Pause included :white_check_mark:

Plus a few nice, what I consider luxuries.

  • Gantry Lights
  • Gantry Shift seems like an interesting idea
  • Electronics expansion ports sounds like they have something cool planned, maybe 4th axis?

Is the change for the hybrid table spacing to 4.04" rather than 100mm for compatibility with 3rd party products? Or whats the reasoning behind that?

Overall, looks phenominal, especially considering what seems like a reasonable price for the specs/features.


Fundamentally many of our users (and Winston) work in imperial, we wanted each piece of the table to be 4" wide as it’s a great reference when setting up and working on projects.We also have to allow for a small gap each side of each table extrusion and make sure we gave a full 48" or 24" of travel with a little bit of extra for side operations. (Note travel is greater than the machine bed).

All in that spacing made the above possible.

We will be conscious when rolling out accessories to make them compatible with both current and new models, but most vices and accessories will accommodate the 4.04 without difficulty.


I’m really curious how the gantry shift will play out (suggested we run a survey on which way folks assemble their machine).

@Luke Interesting the explanation of the 4" spacing. Thanks!


Congratulations on a very nice looking machine. I will be purchasing one asap. I wish there was a version that matched the S4 XXL footprint so I could upgrade and keep my enclosures. Will the new couplers work with the HDM?


Unfortunately, they will not. They are a little longer than the couplers used on the HDM, however @Luke is looking at it.


Very nice looking machine here and looks like a nice increase in Z-travel as well, up to 6.1" without sweepy. Love that it takes full width plywood, that is “HUGE” and looking forward to seeing how much harder this machine can be pushed compared to the Shapeoko Pro :slight_smile:

Now I need to sell a lot of stuff from my Shapeoko Pro to buy one of these.


This looks absolutely amazing. There is no way I can justify it with my current production but wow do I want it. I really have to step up my current game to save up for this one. Everything about about it looks like a huge leap forward from my current 3 and even though nothing is really lacking on the 3, this gets rid of everything that was a little annoyance. Great job guys.


Will the gantry shift be easily swappable if the need comes up after initial assembly? Or would that be more a pain to retram/square and what not then its probably worth?

@Luke thanks for the explaintation.

It’s 4 M6 bolts and the drag chain mounting points - another 4 x M5 bolts.

It’s not something I’d be changing regularly but is easy to do if needed.


From the photos it looked relatively simple, but yea i’d be hesitant to change it unless I was doing a large of dovetails or something else.

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Wow this looks fantastic. Being introduced to CNC a year and a half ago when getting my SOPXXl, and the experience I have got since then, this is the machine I would buy today with no doubts. I like a lot the new features like ball screw, 48" width, the gantry shift and most probably some of the futur accessories possible with the electronics expansion ports.

As a retired hobbyist and selling nothing, there are no acceptables financials justifications to upgrade but will see what the futur will bring! :slight_smile:

Congratulations for your new design, you have really listen to your customers.


Very cool…very tempting :slight_smile:


Are there any plans to add cutter comp?

This would be done in Grbl, and I don’t believe that there is any version of Grbl which has memory to spare for it — if it gets done in a version of Grbl, the machines running that version would get it after that update was made available by Carbide 3D.

I don’t know if y’all could have addressed any more customer requests. :slight_smile: Great job C3D team! I’m anxious to get my hands on one.


“We do plan on offering the new electronics as an upgrade for the Shapeoko 3, 4, and Pro. We’ll need to get enough inventory and then work out the wiring adapters before we’re ready for that.”

This is a pretty cool bonus for us 3 (and 4/Pro) users. I imagine that will enable the plug and play of future accessories too! Not an upgrade path, but definitely nice to have some means of updating the machine.
Awesome design C3D team :+1:



That all looks like a really comprehensive, yet sensible, set of upgrades to the machine.