Introducing the Shapeoko 5 Pro

Looks like @edwardrford found some time to put a drawing together:


I already received my shipping notification for the replacement wire…on the same day my small order of a Deep Sweep, some Essential Clamps, and an endmill got delivered. :slight_smile:
This evening I’ll check the tram and get started planning projects. Although the tram plate I just leveled is already buttery smooth indicating it might already be pretty close to trammed, as-assembled.


I ended up making a 72" wide by 64" deep tabletop. With the sweepy attached it will be just deep enough to squeeze an enclosure on top.

The sweepy sticks past the front plate of the machine by about 4.25"


Are you also taking into account the extra space needed for gantry shift? I haven’t see any videos of that feature in action but supposedly it’s another 3+ inches in front of table.

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Nope, that is with the gantry in the back/normal position. Which is where I think I’ll have it 99% of the time. If I do shift the gantry it would be purposefully over the front edge of the table.

Otherwise the suggestion of 68" deep is probably a good benchmark for most tables.

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I fixed my bitsetter issue by swapping the black and green wires on the female side of the face plate extension cables 4 pin connector. Works great now!


Just got my tracking info for something so I assume it is for this. This is great as I have not been able to get the bitsetter to work correctly since I received the machine 1 week ago. Excited.


I might suggest depinning the wires instead of cutting and soldering.

Y’all aren’t going to be disappointed. This machine with the spindle RIPS!

200 IPM, 0.500" DOC, 0.200" stepover… no problem!
50 IPM, 0.750" DOC, 0.200" stepover… done!


That’s some beautiful looking pasta!! :heart_eyes:


Looks cool mate. Happy you got it fired up and cutting.

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Just add boiling water, salt and butter/olive oil.

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That thing looks so…BIG!

Remember when it was all the rage to put a 2.2 kw spindle on a SO3? On the belt driven original Z? The machine was tiny, spindle huge.

What’s your first project to utilize the full capacity? A river, live edge table? Maybe a topo of the US?


Am I seeing perspective or is that machine longer than 4 feet? :grin:

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Sure looks like a 4x8 in that picture!

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Bold of y’all to assume I have a plan… for anything in life. :smiley: I have ideas though.

I think it’s because to fit it all in frame I used the 0.6 lens in my phone. Kinda fish-eyed the image.


Howdy everyone! I’m brand new to this community, but I’m expecting my Shapeoko 5 Pro XL to be delivered tomorrow - very exciting!
In anticipation of its arrival, here’s a picture of the table it will live on. I used the 56”x32” Rockler rock-steady stand with project boards from Lowe’s on top. I plan to add drawers and additional storage as a future project once I get a feel for the tools and workflow I’ll be using regularly.
I’ve been reading lots of posts on this forum the past couple months and I’m very excited to join such a supportive community. :slight_smile:


Do you have a video of it cutting, I want to hear what it sounds like while making these chips if you can even call it that :slight_smile:

I do in the Facebook group. But I can’t upload videos here, and I haven’t put them on YouTube. :slight_smile:

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I figured you’d modded it already.

Disappointed :pensive:

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