Introducing the Shapeoko 5 Pro

Agree on all points. The change in pause behavior for the Shapeoko 5 Pro was unexpected. I have cut several projects, and I’ve come to appreciate the new approach.

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The Shapeoko 5 Pro is a beast! I’ve been cutting a lot of MDF the last few days. I started with the recommended MDF speeds and feeds, which are too conservative for the 5. I’ve increased the DOC to .070 and the feed rate to 80; there is still much room to push the machine. Wondering what others are using for feeds and speeds with MDF and Shapeoko 5 pro.


Those are rookie numbers! Joke aside, I’m just a battle hardened guy I guess. :smiley:

I’ve cut 0.375" depth of cut, 200 IPM. But in case the endmill is dull, better go 0.250" DOC.


Quick review: Got my SO5 and C3D vfd/spindle about two weeks ago. It’s so damn cool that I wake up and go to sleep thinking about stuff to make. I’m constantly seeing items and thinking about how to cut them out on it. I was happy with the delivery - boxes were in good shape and nothing seemed damage at all. Took me an evening to put it together. Had one limit switch w a bad crimp on one pin and they overnighted a new switch. I would highly recommend getting the good T handle Allen wrenches. It was a lot of wrenching. I wouldn’t want to do that with a little IKEA wrench. Everything went together just right though. I followed the directions and also watched the movie, but it was pretty straightforward. Having unique connectors for each electrical connection is nice. Spindle and VFD were also very simple to setup and wire, and it’s really quiet. The cords could all be longer though.

Honestly putting it together was the easy part. Trying to actually create something in CAD/CAM is an enormous learning curve. I messed w Fusion360 and designed a couple things but it’s a lot to deal with. My kid came in and asked me to make her a pumpkin, so I fired up carbide create, downloaded an stl from the webs, and had it cutting in like 10 mins, which was highly satisfying. Going to start simple from here.

Overall I’m super happy w the machine and excited to dive into this. I did have a couple things to share that might help others. My Z axis crashed twice on my first 2 cuts. Once down on the bitsetter and once up at the homing location. Had my finger on e-stop switch so no damage. Turns out I think it was this little metal dowel inside the body of the HDZ that had fallen out. I guess it activates the limit switch. When I put it back in everything has been working well. Definitely worth tightening everything on the machine, probably came loose in shipping or something.

Here’s my first project I cut, which is embarrassing, but here we are. It’s a first draft prototype for a switch panel I’m trying to make in acrylic. Someday it will have backlit engraved labels and a logo at the top.

Anyway, thanks again to everybody for all the knowledge, solutions, and creativity being shared in this community.


Could I please ask if there is a supplier in the United Kingdom for a Shapeoko 5 (4x4)? If not, what would the shipping and import tax be? I already have a Shapeoko 3 XXL and love it but the idea of a larger bed would open a lot of opportunities.

Please write in to for assistance with resellers and availability and so forth.

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@since_1664 Hi Sam,

There are several things to take in to consideration:

  1. The shipping costs can be seen in the basket before committing to buy.

  2. The exchange rate moves up and down daily, but your credit/debit card provider is the one that dictates the exchange rate at the time of the purchase.

  3. The import duty / VAT is calculated at the time of import and is paid via the courier (e.g. FedEx).

  4. FedEx will charge you a fee for handling the import duty for you.

I am in the UK and I got notification that my order for a Shapeoko 5 Pro + VFD shipped TODAY! Yay!

I should know within a few days what the costs are for import and I’d be happy to post back with more details if that will help you.


@DPME, I will wait with bated breath! Thank you for the update.

This was very helpful

The custom table is built and ready for FedEx to drop the new toys off, but I see people recommending putting some rubber on the table to help prevent sound transmission.

I just noticed the table amplifying the sound of my sander as I smoothed off any rough edges, so It’s something I’m a little more conscious of now.

So, what type of rubber? How thick is needed? At what point does the rubber negate the rigidity and “flatness” of the table? Any other material suggested?

Oh, and I’m in the UK, so anything suggested would need to be available here too :slight_smile:

I’m cheap and usually use “Anti-fatigue” puzzle mats from Harbor Freight — similar panels are also available from sporting goods stores for use under exercise equipment.

For my Pro XXL I got lucky and had a largish foam piece from some equipment packaging from my previous job.

Thanks Will, how thick are they? Do you have any issues with the flat bed distorting?

The anti-fatigue mats are about 1/2" thick (~13mm).

The product foam is quite a bit thicker (1"/25mm).

One reason to do this is to distribute the load — rather than having specific points holding things up, the entire load is distributed across everywhere the foam touches the machine and where the foam touches the table, which should be everywhere.

Thanks - We don’t have Harbor Frieght, but something like this?

Yes, that looks very close to what I used and should be fine — old Yoga mats are another possibility.

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I just got notice that my Shapeoko 5 Pro 4x2 has shipped. I ordered it Feb 14, and at the time the projected shipping date was May 28. The prospect of a 3-1/2 month wait was a bit excruciating, but I still placed the order. Having it arrive about 2 months early is a relief. Of course it isn’t here yet, so it’s a little too soon to celebrate, but overall this is good news.