Introducing Tiger Claw - Flat tops

I’m pleased to announce the latest addition to the Tiger Claw Family - the Flat Top

They can be found here

We had a number of users asking for a variation similar to this. These are similar to the standard tiger claw but have a taller face which allows for a a number of different ways to approach work holding.

I’m sure these might also find their way into our next competition… @Julien


Will there be a way to order just the tops for those who already own a few sets of the standard tiger claws?

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I’m afraid not. Typically the top is not removable unless the pins are removed and these are glued in place.


I can think of plenty of times I would use these… likely more than the angled ones.

We need a montage for these babies!


Ok, all the pins on my tiger claw clamps slide in and out and have since day one so I thought that’s how they were going to be interchangeable.

Maybe that is something to possibly consider for a future release. My clamps have worked fine without the pins being glued. Although I do have to keep track of the pins but it hasn’t been a problem

I have a beta test set that weren’t glued in. I ended up gluing them in because I kept almost loosing them. :smiley:


On the first batch some of the rods were not glued in properly. We thought we emailed the affected users but it looks like you must have slipped through.

We recommend putting a small drop of thread lock into the base part of the assembly, then sliding the rods in.


@Luke would you suggest doing this also with the Gen 1 slanted top claws?

Yes if the pins are loose - as far as I know the pins were only ever loose on a dozen or so sets from the first batch of tiger claws with slated top.


thanks, all of mine fall out and I’ve always been super worried about loosing them.

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