iPad for CM control

I just saw this new development and thought that it might be a better solution for running CM than my laptop exposed to my crowded shop. I’m concerned about dust building up inside my laptop so maybe I can use this and house my laptop inside of a filter box?

Actually, I thought that CM4 exposed a web page interface — just connect the iPad web browser to that page — or am I confusing this w/ Carbide Connect?

I know that some of the other G-code senders have “pendant” functionality.

FWIW, I just use an inexpensive Windows tablet (Toshiba Encore 2 Write 10 — finally got the cable to try my Samsung Galaxy Book 12, but not sure it’s going to get close to the machines since it has a fan).

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Maybe CM4 does have a web interface, but I haven’t upgraded because I am not sure it is ready yet.
I have tried to follow that subject on the C3D forums but it seems fractured and if the upgrade process has been well defined, then I have missed it.
I did read mention of that functionality, but wasn’t sure if it was still in beta. Thanks!

Lots of people testing and having good success:

I remember that post/comment.
Do they list what boards/electronics are compatible and any workarounds if needed?

We’ve been through a couple of revisions, and it seems solid enough now that we’ve begun using CM4 imagery for documentation.

CM4 ought to work on all Carbide 3D and Stepoko machines which have homing switches, and all board revisions.

Contact beta@carbide3d.com w/ any problems or concerns. Really hoping for a release soon.

I’ve been using it exclusively for quite a while now, and haven’t had any issues worse than anything I had with CM3.

I use a kangaroo pc to drive the machine. Start the app there, then connect to the web server with an ipad, and it works great. yourmachinename:8080 Works better than RDP/VNC to the driving machine.

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My thought was to 1st connect the laptop to the Shapeoko 3 XXL through USB, then Connect with the iPad.
So, I was almost there.

The info on how to connect though the browser is very helpful, thanks! I would have lost some hair trying to figure out how to connect.
It seems like the App needs to be running to start the internal server webpage doohickey, got it, makes sense. Then connect to it with my browser software of choice (hopefully it is compatible too) with the iPad.

What are the possibilities that MOTION could run NATIVELY on an iPad in the future? So many people probably have a mobile device running iOS that could be left to run a SO3 instead of having your computer tied up for hours on end.

Not possible, due to the limitations of the USB hardware on an iPad — my understanding is it won’t work with/as a host — also, getting the App store certification would require sending in a machine to Apple, so a not insignificant investment even if it were possible.

More likely is the development of a small board which was announced a while back, “Carbide Connect” which will control the machine and expose a web interface so that one can use any computer w/ a web browser to control the machine. One can set that sort of thing up now if one is willing to use a Raspberry Pi or similar and a sender which will run on that hardware, see: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Communication_/_Control#Raspberry_Pi — probably the easiest way to handle this though is to use an Intel Compute Stick or Mac Mini to control the machine running Carbide Motion.

There are also senders which work on Android and Chrome machines.