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I was trying to see if anyone has some workflows for the iPad. I have this new 12.9inch iPad Pro with usb c and now that there’s actual cad available and the ability to 3D print from it I am setting my sites on creating toolpaths and sending them wirelessly to the cnc. Anyone have some workflows to do some of this?

The SVG vector editors will work and allow one to make files to import into Carbide Create.

More notable is Shapr3D, which if you have an Apple Pencil will allow you to do 3D modeling, then use a 3D CAM tool such as MeshCAM to create cut files.

You’ll need to use Carbide Motion running on a Windows or Mac OS X machine, but you can connect to the browser interface: https://wiki.shapeoko.com/index.php/Carbide_Motion_Machine_Control_Software#Network_Connectivity

connect with a browser to port 8080


Yes! I baught the iPad for shapr3D. It’s very fast and I love it. But now i want try to do everything via iPad that i can. At this point it’s probaly gonna have to be some form of web interface. But the octopi for my 3D printer gives me hope.

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You can use CNCjs with a Pi. It is similar to octoprint. There’s a thread with an image for both. It might be a MPCNC thing.

We announced a controller which would allow an iPad to control a machine a while back, Carbide Connect, but no idea when it will be released.

You can use a Raspberry Pi, but you have to give up on Carbide Motion until a version is released which will run on a Pi: https://wiki.shapeoko.com/index.php/Communication_/_Control#Raspberry_Pi

Carbide connect seems awesome. I remember the announcement. Seems like the missing piece to the puzzle right now is cam. There’s a single cam package on iOS now but it lacks the ability to import anything like a .dxf or model. It also looks like shapr3D lacks the ability to export a .dxf. A web based or better yet a native version of mesh cam would really be useful here. With all the power of the new iPad I’m surprised it’s not available.

CAM is a very small market — ask @robgrz if he could port MeshCAM to the iPad?

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