Is Carbide Copper still a supported program?

I notice it is an active website, but there is no date on the most recent version (not a real change log) and a lot of forum posts get closed without response. Is FlatCAM the current recommendation or will Carbide Copper continue to be developed?

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It’s still going to be developed. We need to dedicate some time to it in the near future.


Thanks for the reply. With some simple tweaks (like making proper drill files), this would be a great application that would be worth paying for.

If you have wonky files, please post them here for testing


The files I have are a bit large, and I do not think that my customer would be comfortable releasing them. So I will try to make a minimum example showing a problem. But I have also identified the problem with the drill table on my file in the process. The Excelon drill file was created by KiCad. It appends a T0 at the end of the file before the M30. This seems to confuse CC. Removing the T0 seems to result in a usable drill table.

Once identified, it is straightforward to modify the .drl file, so this is not a job killer. But since KiCad is relatively common, it would be convenient if CC did not choke on the T0.

This is a potential point of confusion, since most folks mean Carbide Create when we say “CC”.

I would put forth that we should use CCu for Carbide Copper, or maybe just “Cu”.


Hi Rob, this forum doesn’t like my filetypes (zips of gerbers, Eagle files:.sch, .brd and CAM files), I found that the 2 layer CAM file from OSH Park seems to correctly import drills. Also, I cannot get the layer 20/dimension layer to import using either of these.
I will send some files to, I hope that is OK? I’ve mentioned Rob/Will’s names in the “to” line of the email.

This and a number of other bugs have been posted to the CCu section but nobody has latched on and there haven’t been any updates for ages. Most big s/w vendors make release notes which show what has changed but also what is still on the backlog as a known issue. I would really encourage C3D to do that. It doesn’t need to be an embarrassment, rather it helps people not to stumble on known issues and alert them to workarounds.

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