Is Carbide Create strickly 2.5D?

Wondering if there is a way to set a third dimension to objects in CC and then be able to rotate your view around the object to view different sides.

Currently yes, CC is 2/2.5D. MeshCAM is 3D with helpful abilities to facilitate some 2/2.5D work effectively.

One of the reasons for CC is that 2/2.5D work can be easily optimized - making those types of jobs highly efficient. It also removes the need for a separate CAD program - and learning more complex commands.

MeshCAM can easily do what you’re asking for (and generate G code to make your object too!)

A 3D CAD program can obvious do that. There are many to choose from, some are even free.

An STL viewer to look around a 3D object is another option. Here is a pointer to free STL viewers:

I use a commercial STL viewer called 'topescope: