Is it possible to get rid of the cross frame?

Hey Everyone,

I have a question about the frame of the S3. I own a standard size s3 and there is a cross frame that goes underneath the spoilboard and also connects to the front and back frame.

I wonder if I get rid of it, will there be any serious repercussions?

If you use a one piece wasteboard, then the cross straps are not needed — that’s the current design / production.

You can make a one-piece wasteboard by removing the current parts, then using them as a template on a suitable piece of MDF — PDF w/ dimensions here:

I ditched mine and replaced them with a 15mm ali base…

great move, I’d recommend it.

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Luke, did you ditch the strap as well?

Reason for my question is I want to rise my machine to gain more z height. So I want to ditch the metal straps.
If I do that, then my S3 will be sitting on a large MDF base with 4 large wooden blocks to prop the frame up by (2-3 inch). In the center, I will have the sacrificial spoil board bolted in the middle but not connected to the frame in any way. This way I can add or remove layers of spoil board to control the Z depth of cut.

I don’t know if this makes sense to you guys. I am just wondering the feasibility of this idea. Since I will remove the metal strap, propping the machine up by 4 wooden blocks at 4 corners.

Yeh, I didn’t see the point in keeping them. Only think left was the front and back props.

I’ve seem some people make their own risers and just fit it direct to a desk with tall risers.

I might give that a try, if only keeping the front / back props and stripping the strap will not effect the over structural rigidity of the machine.

I can’t think of a reason why it would but I could be wrong. You guys have more experience here :slight_smile: seeing something I might have missed.

My logic was the 1/2 base is way stronger than a few small 4mm thick steel straps.

I’d go for it.

cool, thanks for all the feedback

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