Is it possible to run a job with 0 RPM?

I’m wondering about drawing with the Nomad. I know people have done it, but I can’t seem to find the answer to this particular question. Can you set your spindle to 0 RPM and have it still run okay? Just wondering if there’s any software issue anywhere that’ll give me an error or something. I use Fuson360 to get my g-code and Carbide Motion to control the machine.

Should be doable. I had to manually modify the .nc file for a drag engraving bit for the Nomad before we had the McEtcher and the engraving path.
I think anything below 1000 rpm will result in the spindle not turning on with the nomad, though it’s been a while since I’ve had to really mess with going that slow.


Like radiation, I edited the spindle speed to say 0 in the .nc file

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I set the spindle RPM to zero frequently for engraving. The principal way to do this, unless Carbide has changed in its last few iterations, is to open the nc file in a text editor and search for M3 commands and delete them. These typically appear as:
M3 Sxxxx
where the xxxx is an RPM figure. (It’s also possible the 3 will have a leading zero, M03). Delete the whole line including the S value.

Due to some hardware constraints I’m using a rather old version of CC. Hard to believe the newer versions still do no allow you to set the spindle rotation to zero as suggested by the other responses. It’s possible to format a new tool with zero rotation but when you then select that tool you are required to subsequently enter a non-zero value.

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Unless it’s changed in recent versions, anything less than some value, perhaps 1000, will result in the spindle turning at that minimum value, not zero. Definitely not zero, I have ruined a few pieces after forgetting to edit out a value I was forced to enter including 1 and 327. (The latter I used as a check I was editing out the correct line.)

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Good to know. Sounds like I’ll have to edit the g-code file, from what everyone is saying. A bit annoying, but plenty doable.

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