Is text 'ungrouping' a possibility?

I have a poem that i was looking to make into a plaque. Instead of writing this poem out myself in CCPro i googled the poem and copied, to paste in text in CCPro.
Like a lot of poems its written in verse. When it is displayed as text in CCPro it comes out with each verse written and then a box then the next verse and a box and so on in one long sentence.

This brings up a few questions for me.

  • can you ‘ungroup text’? Then i can select each verse and remove the boxes dividing them in sentence form.
  • is there a symbol you can use while typing in text that you can put after each verse so that the display would show as verse not one long sentence?
    -is there a way to do this; write in verse without manually typing it all?

What is probably happening here is that the place you copied it from (a website) is likely on a UNIX/LINUX machine and the place you are placing it (in CC Pro) is on a Windows machine (or vise-versus). These different operating systems use a different “End Of Line” character designation. Probably the simplest way to deal with it is to first paste into notepad or a word doc, make edits and then copy/paste into CC/CCPro.


Thank you for taking the time.
I tried Word and word pad and both i used copy and paste with the same results. Hmmm.

Probably have to do one line at a time. Although is saw a post a few days ago from someone that had a very long text string all the way down the board.

I don’t know if there is a way to get CC to deal with multi line text. It would be nice.

Yes @CullenS , @CopperCross did this in ‘what did you make today’ section.
Perhaps @CopperCross knows this answer :slight_smile:

Copy and paste the lyrics into Word. Then print to PDF. Then do a PDF to SVG converter.

Let it die page 1 lyrics


Oh wow, you knew the song :slight_smile:

K ill try this, thank you

Carbide Create only does one line of text at a time. It does not do multiple lines of text. So if you paste something in it sees it as one long line of text no matter what kind of end of line is embedded in the code.

So you have to write one line at a time in the text tool and then write the second and so on… one line at a time and then space them on the page.

Another alternative would be to import your picture of the text into Inkscape and convert it to svg and then place that in your project and size it as needed. However converting text can be dicey because it is converted to curves and the text can get distorted.

Try all the above to see which one works best.


There are some The Holy Sh**s fans on the forum :ninja:

Yes @BrokenEndmill the ChumUps fans are here :wink:

I did mine one line at a time, but I like the idea of converters for handling multiple lines.

That must have been tedious.

I like the idea of one line at a time for full control.
But it would take time.
I suppose its the same as measure twice, cut once. A little work but you know its good.
Thanks for the reply and great work btw @CopperCross

The end result was worth it :slightly_smiling_face:

More control may mean more tedium though.
If you have to do it one line at a time alignment may be harder. Also, if you want to change font or size you would have to do it over and over and over.

I like the PDF → SVG idea. It doesn’t come in as text so if you wanted to change font you would have to go back to the source and regenerate but at least you could resize the whole set.


Yes very true as well.

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