Is there a 24v Out pin (and nearby ground) on the Carbide Controller 2.4d board?

Hi folks,

I’m attaching an LED ring to the underside of the router and it needs 24v in. Wondering if there’s a 24v out pin on the Carbide Controller?
(Otherwise I’ll have to spice the power cable coming in to the controller to get a 24v out source.)



yes, see #20 here


Perfect @Julien!
That A-Z wiki-book you linked is a treasure trove of info :slight_smile:


Make sure it’s the correct form of power. Ac/dc. For your device.

I recommend you get a dedicated 24 volts power supply. It depends on which LED ring you’re attaching, you might not get the sufficient current/amperage to fully power your LED ring.

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Just for reference, I am using that 24V output from the controller to supply my spindle LED ring, so far so good. Mine draws 150mA at 24V.


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