Is there a difference between the Nomad #201 and the #205E?

I can’t tell a difference between:

#201 - #201 .25" Flat Cutter (Qty 2) - Carbide 3D
#205E - Essentials #205E .25" Flat Cutter (Qty 2) - Carbide 3D

Except that the #201 has a shorter cutting length and has a higher price tag. What am I missing?

The #201 is a 3 flute flat end mill. The #205 is a 2 flute flat end mill. I have a #201 and seldom use it. I use 2 flute up or down cut bits mostly when a 1/4" bit is required. The more flutes the less the chipload at a given speed and rpm. That is because of the 3 vs 2 flutes. Both will work fine but I prefer the 2 flute bits. The #205 is an up cut bit. The #251 is a down cut bit and that is my go to bit for contours and pocketing. The caveat is deep slots 1/4" wide are not best with a down cut bit because the chips are forced down and harder to evacuate from the canyon. Will Adams suggests when doing slotting to increase the 1/4" by 10% and do a pocket instead of a contour.


To expand on that, the #201 is made in the U.S., while the #205E is one of our “Essential” line of tools which are made overseas, so are a bit more affordable.

The links above say they’re both 2 flutes. Is there a typo on the #201?

Yes. Hopefully that will get corrected

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