Is there a specific way I should be tramming my nomad 3?

My spindle is a tad out of plum and id like to tram it. Is there a specific instruction set for doing that on this machine or is it generic shims trial and error? I took a quick look and didn’t see much in terms of adjustment .

Please don’t change anything without first checking in with first.

I would check for spindle run-out first:


As im slowly going though some things with the machine and measuring. This here is the play in the spindle. I’m not sure what the advertised rate of run out for the nomad 3 is but I would have expected it to be smaller than this?

Looking at your video, I’d guestimate the overall run-out at 0.5 mils = 0.012 mm. So that’s a bit over 2x what I achieved for a final value. But it’s 5x less that my starting value. My best guess, is that your machine might produce a bit more of a ‘shingle effect’ than mine, most noticible in wide milled areas on metals. And if you cut metals with very small bits, say 0.3 mm and under, they might break more often. I’m not nearly as experienced as others on this forum, maybe someone else will weigh in, but these were some of my findings from recent endeavors in metal. Again, since you’re far closer to my “happy” value than my “bit-breaking, shingle-making” value, you may be good to go as is.

Although I measured the spindle separately, to help eliminate the collet from the suspects, my final impressions were based on measuring on a bit. I did the measuring close to the collet and did a couple other measurements with the bit rotated.

It didn’t dawn on me to measure the spindle inside as you did. That was either good insight or, unlike me, you did some homework.

Could you try putting the indicator on the spindle housing instead and see if you still see the wobble when you pull on the spindle? How hard do you have to push/pull to make it move like that?

I measured my 883 Pro and got these results.

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I had the same issue as this guy here. Correcting spindle run-out Only mine was loose enough to take off with almost 0 resistance. It is now where it should be and marked with paint so I can visually see if it loosens up again. :slightly_smiling_face:

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