Is there a way to add

Let’s assume I have a 3rd party 4th axis kit I want to add to the SPXXL, is the controller board able to support such an animal?

This is speculation for down the road.

Not an independent 4th axis (X,Y,Z,A). You could set up a X,Z,A by hooking the rotational axis into the Y driver or by using one of those rolling or rack and pinion diy setups.
What CAD/CAM program will you use?

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This is sounding beyond my capabilities already. I’m not sure where to begin setting up an X,Z,A into the Y driver?

I use Fusion360 rarely. I have FREECAD but haven’t used it in years.
Of course, CC & CM.

As stated in my previous post this is an inquiry more than anything. Maybe more of a feature request for the future.

No you need another controller that is able to handle 4 axes… I went with SuperGerbil. Works well, but you also need something to control it. I use UGS. I program it with Fusion 360 and use the Tormach 4X Post. Does require a little hand editing, but otherwise it works well.


pictures please? I’d like to see your setup.

While I think there are a few here somewhere in this forum, Instagram might be the best place to see them. JPL_Richard

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You would just disconnect the X or Y stepper (X makes more sense on a Shapeoko), and connect your rotating axis to that driver. You’d need to clamp the original axis to stay in place.
Note, this is NOT a true 4th axis, but it’s the thing you can do without replacing the controller. Really you’d still have 3 axis machine, with one of those being a rotary axis.
As we’ve said, for a true 4th axis, you’d need a new controller.
All of this depends on what you’re making. There are other things you could do.

My mind is all over the place with what can be made. Not that I have the $$$ to do it at this time.
Maybe I’ll buy a lottery ticket? :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you don’t need the machine to be able to move all 4 axes at the same time, you can build something that rotates and indexes at a specific angle. Think 2 sided job, but with more sides.

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