Is there a way to pocket/route holes instead?

Is there a way to mill interior pockets? For example I have a PCB with serval hole sizes, and if I isolate traces with a 1/32" mill, I can just plunge to drill ~.8mm holes without a tool change. For larger mounting holes, is there a way to mill these out as pockets?

I’ve also tried boards with larger mounting holes saved in the gerber outline file to be routed, but they don’t show up in Carbide Copper, which I guess is just using the outermost outline?


I am not familiar with circuit board milling but on cc if you try to cut a pocket that; s 1/4 inch with a 1/4 inch bit the simulations will not show the pocket. The gcode to cut the pocket is not generated. To get a 1/4 inch pocket you must use a smaller bit or make a .26 inch pocket with a 1/4 inch bit. In Pro version is a drill mode but I have not used it. CNC machines do not make good drills with regular end mills. You can buy drill bits but typical drill bit geometry requires slower speeds than routers can run. Drill bits in a router get lousy chip evacuation and tend to overheat and dull quickly.

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