Is there any way to skip the homing process?

Mine homes just fine, but simply powering it down, putting the cutter where I want and calling that zero would speed things up a bit. The software also seems to be set up to move the table each time you want to cut a repeated pattern. With the XXL, you can put down a large piece of material and just rezero the head by hand much quicker. Before I installed the limit switches and homing software, that’s how it worked. Any easy way to get back to that without losing homing?

I think the answer to this is no. Not with Carbide Motion anyway. The problem is once you set the flags that say you have homing switches then CM really wants to track the machine in machine coordinates. IE even when you set work zero it wants to keep track of where that it is in machine space. It has to do that in order to retain the zero from power down to the next session, for example.

Though you could use a different gcode sender for the times where you want to skip homing.

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Not sure, but couldn’t you disable the limit switches from the settings / MDI? You know $22=1, back to $22=0? So the CM doesn’t use homing.

Sorry I misunderstood, you want to keep the homing function. So what about using the rapid position in jog. From there it displays a rapid XY position to your last known 00 position. Or just click on one of the circles in the picture bottom left corner brings you pretty much to 00 and quickly I might add. There is an article on it . Its in If that is the only problem, that is, you want a quick way to get the spindle back to the front/ 00 quickly. Hope that helped!


Is there any way to speed up the homing process to the rate the rapid positioning uses? The XXL is a big machine and I typically machine in the front, middle.

You can’t go that fast (the Atmel and Grbl and the stepper motors can’t decelerate the machine that quickly).

You can increase the homing seek rate though — 1500 is what I’ve been told to suggest to XXL users

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The brute force and ignorance approach to fast homing an XXL:

With the machine powered off, push the spindle close to the back right corner.

Power on and home.

Rapid position close to stock zero. (I usually do this with MDI commands direct to grbl: g1 x-650 y-700).

Jog and set zero as usual.

Please be careful pushing the machine — the stepper motors act as generators, and there is a potential concern of damaging something — better to just get in the habit of parking the machine at the back right corner when done.


If the Carbide board really is not designed to handle stepper motion when powered off (seriously?), another alternative is to use UGS to rapid move the spindle close to the back right corner, then home, I guess.

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Thanks for that.
I’ve been pushing mine, but I go slow cause I hear the USB “plugged in noise” on the computer. I never thought about frying something.
I started using rapid positioning before a homing cycle most of the time, but always will, now.