Is this a bug with Carbide Create V7?

I have been using V6 for some time and have had no problems apart from inlay accuracy. I decided to give V7 a go, with its “Inlay Mode” and “Bottom gap”.
I designed a simple 50mm circle and used Advanced VCarve using a 1/8" mill and a 60o V Bit.
I first designed it in V6 and cut it and it worked as expected.
I then designed it in V7, saved the file, downloaded the GCode and ran it - that’s when a major problem showed up.
I had set the Z axis height to 8mm from the job (3mm probe plate and 5mm lift) as I had for the V6 version but when I ran the program, it tried to bury the Z axis through the machine waste board breaking the 1/8" bit - it had not switched the router on yet.
I raised the router up high and zeroed it then ran the program again. The Z axis moved down 48mm!! then ran the program.
I checked the GCode and this is the offending line (in bold) that V7 wrote into the GCode (doesnt do it in V6):
(Move to safe Z to avoid workholding)
It is changing coordinate source by using G53, to change to machine coordinates which is then trying to put the Z axis 5mm below its zero.

Why doesn’t it just leave it at G54 or do I have to edit the GCode every time I generate a file??

Depending on the post-processor, Carbide Create may have this movement.

It changes to the G53 work coordinate system — this is “Machine Coordinates”, and matches the origin set when homing, so the command:


lifts up to 5mm (the G21 indicates we are in metric) below where the origin was set when the machine was homed.

If you are using a controller which doesn’t support machine coordinates, or which doesn’t have home set at the top back right of travel you will need to use “Grbl” or “Basic G-code” which don’t include this command:

Thanks for the reply.
I use GRBL via GSender.
The machine can be homed to the front right corner of the board but I zero it to the centre of the work in this instance.
As I said previously, the GCode generated in V6 works fine.
I have generated more GCode via V7 and I just comment out that line with the G53 and it works fine so I’ll just continue to do that.

BTW - if you look in the top right hand corner of the picture I posted, you will see the Workspace is set to G54. I have never needed to change to G53 in all the time I have been using Carbide Create or any other program.

Which post-processor were you using previously?

Does selecting “Basic G-code” or “Grbl” under Edit | Select Post-processor generate G-code which works with your communication/control system and machine?

In both V6 and V7, GRBL is set as the post processor.
I have been using V6 with success with both UGS and GSender since I built the CNC by generating the GCode from my designs and using the above programs.
I started using V7 yesterday and have downloaded the GCode from the C2d file via the website. These are the files that have the G53 line in the code.

I should also add that I successfully use Fusion 360 and FreeCad generated GCode with UGS and GSender.

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That tool is intended for use with Carbide 3D machines and uses the Carbide 3D post-processor — in order to be able to write out G-code using the “Basic G-code” or “Grbl” post-processor you will need to purchase a license:

As I stated, if I extract the GCode from the C2d file and comment out the G53 line of code, the problem is solved so I’ll just keep doing that.

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