Is this possible to make?

This is not my first post I just can’t seem to get into my old account.

Anyhow, I have a need to make some double sided coins about 1 ¹/2 inches diameter with logos in middle and circular text on them, I haven’t a clue if it’s possible with carbide though? They are to be made from brass or aluminium just not sure yet.

Also large wooden plaques with spiral writing on them starting in the middle going out but will need a small logo dead centre too.

Is all this possible and if so if anyone can point me in a direction to start that would be good. Should I consider a nomadic flip jig? It’s on my Shapoko 3 with HDZ.

I know it’s a massive task but providing I’m sent in a direction I’m hoping to figure it out.

Cheers guys n girls.


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Engraving/carving 1 1/2" brass/aluminium coins is definitely possible. The Nomad is the tool of choice for these applications BUT unless you need extreme detail/precision, the Shapeoko is up for the task.

I have used a diamond drag bit to do exactly this (engrave the surface of a pendant), and was surprised how accurate/detailed this came out. I can’t find the pic right now.

A sharp and pointy Vbit is also a great option to carve small things like that.

You probably don’t need an actual flig jig like the Nomad has (but it would help for precision, I guess). Short of having one, you could just mill a circular pocket in a piece of MDF, just the right size to hold your coin, and attach that to your wasteboard. You will then be ensured when you flip it that the center is still exactly in the same position (but you will need to pay attention to the rotation angle to align things, nothing that a simple marker dot can’t address)

Now, the only tricky part in your description is the circular text : Carbide Create can’t do that (yet ? that I’m aware ?) so you would have to create the circular text in e.g. Inkscape or any other vector graphics software, and then import the SVG in Carbide Create. Easy enough.


Thank you very much for the info. I’m thinking a nice and pointy Vbit is the way forward as I wand it carved out. Raised letters.

You can also have a look at these two threads for inspiration:

Tiny endmills (e.g. 1/32") can also be suitable if the Vbit option does not work out, but they are much more fragile than a Vbit, so you would have to pick the cutting parameters with great care.


Unfortunately, Carbide Create can’t do text on a path/circle — some folks have done it by hand, setting each letter individually and rotating it into position, but that’s tedious — a better options is to use a 3rd party drawing program with that facility such as Inkscape, save a copy of the file, then convert type to paths (Path | Object to Path in Inkscape) and save as an SVG which can be imported into CC.


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