Micro V-Mill Engraving On Brass Help

Okay here is the v-mill dimensions:

2" long x .125" wide, Split length .4", Tip width .002" , angle 30 deg

In carbide create while adding a new v-mill to my tool library where it says to put the tool diameter in if I put .125" in the box wit flute length and angle my pocket tool paths are almost non existent.

If I put the tip width in the diameter box then it looks good. Is this the right way of doing this?

I am trying to engrave some brass to make rings out of and i have had this question on my mind ever since.

Also if someone could help me calculate the speeds and feeds for this bit it would be appreciated.

so no one can help? ave any of y’all tried engraving a coin?

Heres an engraved Coin.
These were processed in Meshcam Pro from a jpeg.
I used a 1/32 ball for these at 6 ipm and 9500rpm

As for your Carbide Create setup question, I would disregard the tip width (.002") at this point.
Heres some screenshots of my setup:

And the preview

Have you run a test yet?
Before diving straight into brass, I recommend using some modeling board, I prefer Renshape.

Here is some examples of how they turn out with the .002" tip width in the diameter box. Once again I am using pocket operation. Also for that bit size the speeds and feeds do not automatically set or will cause errors if not adjusted manually.

Uploading… Uploading…

Impressive !
How did you turn it into a ring ?

These look great! Just curious if you’d had any new break throughs with engraving since you posted this. I’m about to order some small bits to start engraving and I have an idea just not sure exactly what to get and then there will be all the trouble shooting with CC like you were running in to. sigh…