Is this what they call a dust "collection"

Cutting a big mold job. 20% post-consumer content. 100% stuck to everything. :rofl: :rofl: It’s hard to get the big cutters to cut deep enough without disabling the sweepy.


If you did this and had no disconnect, you deserve a “This machine is properly grounded” sticker :rofl:

Obligatory re-post of this, from my own “collection”:



Wow! Is that Delrin? Was actually wondering if this clinging was evidence of some latent ground problem, but yeah I guess it’s fine. No freezes or any problems at all. I use the silvery foil HVAC tape to make easy connections all over.

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Close. This is the aftermath of milling a black HDPE chopping board


Hahaha! I remember this too. Mine looked very similar but white after milling a bunch of white HDPE. It looks like snow in the white piles that form.

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I am not even going to say ha ha ha. I will say, good luck next time in collecting most of it.

@Julien, what type of recipe were you using? Those are some solid chips and as someone that mills a lot of HDPE myself, I am always looking for better recipes to hog out material.

I can’t remember (or find notes) but I usually aim for a 0.005" to 0.01" chipload in butter HDPE, and typically use a sharp 1/4" O-flute, so 100ipm or more @ 20000RPM. This cut was an adaptive clearing, probably around 0.5" DOC (judging from the other pic below and the fact that the cutting board thickness was 3/4"), and probably with 0.0625" optimal load or so



@Julien I’ll have to play around with my numbers some then, I also do not have a HDZ, so that may be a bit ambitious for the Z Plus. Thanks for the numbers though!

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