Isolating tool paths to specific regions

Hi, I’d like to do a roughing pass over the full area of my geometry but I only need a finish pass over a small specific areas. Is it possible to isolate Toolpaths to only cut in specific regions? Thanks

Hi Wayne,

I’m not sure what specific software you are using to generate your toolpaths, but one method that would work with all programs is to run the finishing pass as a separate toolpath on a separate shape…

So in the simple case of a rectangle that’s 10x10 and a finishing spot that’s a specific 2x2 of the larger rectangle, first create a roughing pass for the 10x10 shape. Then create a distinct 2x2 rectangle and set the finishing parameters just for that selection, starting at the roughing cut depth.



Depending on software, you can limit the area your CAM will work in (Fusion 360 allows it for example) but generally if you want to treat a different area differently, you should use a different toolpath.

Apologies, forgot to say it’s Meshcam

Thanks, I’m using meshcam, can you explain how to do this?

In MeshCAM my understanding is this can be done by either importing a DXF (or maybe by drawing a rectangle?) — see the on-line help.

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