Issue importing .dxf file from Illustrator to Carbide Create


I have created a shape in Adobe Illustrator, exported it to a .dxf file and imported it into Carbide Create. When I do this some artifacts are created. See images:

The first is the AI file with the proper paths, the second the same imported .dxf file into Carbide Create. The .dxf looks perfect when opened back up in Illustrator but incorrect in Carbide Create.

How can I fix this?



I would suggest that you use SVG instead — Illustrator and Carbide Create both seem to have better support for it.

Awesome, I’ll try that. Thanks Will!

P.S. This Carbide Community is second to none. I am always impressed with the level and speed of responses. Without it I would still be stuck on something resolved months ago with a quick post response.

Our pleasure!

The other things to keep in mind:

  • review in outline mode (only things which show as outlines will import properly) — if need be, save a copy and
    • convert type to paths — Carbide Create can’t import type
    • expand strokes to closed regions — Carbide Create doesn’t do well with open paths
  • include a rectangle of known dimensions around everything — check its size after import and adjust as needed

Carbide Create has an optimization pass for the 3D preview which will discard small features, sometimes wrongly — may want to look into a 3rd party previewer such as Camotics.

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