Issues drag engraving


Ive been practising some drag engraving (using the MC etcher with the default settings) on stainless steel for my business. I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised with the results.

However, overnight practically, the results that ive been getting have been pretty poor. I was wondering if anybody has had similar issues and how they were able to correct them. In the photos, the quote “you only have to be right once” was a decent result while the other turned out pretty poor. Nothing really has changed in my setup or settings (unless something changed without me knowing).

Diamond tip tools are very hard but very brittle. Take your bit out and with a magnifier look at the diamond tip. See if you can see any damage. If you had any settings too aggressive the diamond can fracture and/or break off.

With all troubleshooting start with the very basics and easy stuff first. Inspect the diamond tip. If it is damaged all the tuning in the world wont fix that. Hopefully the diamond is ok and then you can start looking at other factors.


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