Issues running gcode from Artcam on Carbide Motion

(Rodolfo Villanueva) #1

Hello fellas. I’ve been having to run most of my work on Artcam, and I’ve tried both the nomad post-processor as well as the Mach3-mm, and both give errors when opening them up in Carbide Motion. They run just fine on universal gcode sender, but I really need to get it working on Motion (for end-users its way more friendly).

The error always seems to be: Error in line 4: unsupported G code.

Any thoughts?


(William Adams) #2

Please post a G-Code file here, or send it in to and we’ll see if we can have a developer look at it.

(Rodolfo Villanueva) #3

Molde1.TAP (9.7 KB)

Here’s an example. Thanks!

(William Adams) #4

Okay. Line 4 is:

G21 G49 G80 G90

I suspect that the problem is that all those commands are on one line (they are supported) — please edit your post-processor to put them on separate lines — if that works or no, let us know.

(Rodolfo Villanueva) #5

I’ll be honest: I have no idea how to modify the post-processor. :c

(William Adams) #6

Sorry, it’s a commercial program, I’d suggest contact the vendor, but not sure how that’ll work with it now being discontinued.

(Rodolfo Villanueva) #7

Well, I just followed your instructions on separating each instruction to a different line. Now I get an error of unsupported gcode in line 6, which corresponds to G80.

This is how the beginning of the code looks like when exported from Artcam

(Material Size) (X=600.000, Y=580.000, Z=15.800)
(Tool Number:1) (0.750 inches dia. slot drill)
M3 S18000
G0 X57.5624 Y56.9288 Z5.0000
G1 Z-6.5000 F1000
G1 X205.4631 F1900

(William Adams) #8

My apologies, I was mistaken, G80 doesn’t appear at: (but in my defense is at: ) — we’ll check.

(Rodolfo Villanueva) #9

No worries! So it should be fine if I just delete it?

(William Adams) #10

Yes, G80 is motion mode cancel — it’s included out of an abundance of caution to ensure the program starts running in a known state — since the modes in question aren’t supported by Grbl, while it’d be harmless to send it (so it’s supported by being ignored) there’s no need to send it since the state which it cancels can’t occur.

(Rodolfo Villanueva) #11

Great! Thanks.

Quick question, since I haven’t been able to find it: Is there a way to change the behavior of the Stop button on Carbide Motion? When I wanna abort a run, the Z plate starts moving downwards and always hits the material I have clamped. I have to cut the power to the machine or it keeps going down.

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