Issues with eccentic nuts on xxl

okay problem is not cutting deep enough checked eccentric nuts on z and belt. eccentric nuts loose. I can tighten the right one bottom, however the left one I tighten all it will allow and the wheel still moves freely

Check the screws holding the opposite wheels also. Sometimes those get loose too. Also make sure the screws going into the eccentric nut is tight before adjusting the eccentric itself.



While I finally got to complete something. Ran the two programs of Bill Myers for clamps. I worked the issue out of not cutting deep enough. thanks to Bill Myers and tech support at carbide create. Problem was some of the rollers had come loose. Got them tighten up and working a lot better. Still could cut a little deeper on some but I think that is the wasteboard needs to be flatten more. Lesson learned check all belts and rollers prior to start of each job.

Thanks all for the help.


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