Issues with Export PNG function

Using the File>Export PNG function in Carbide Create (build 464), my expectation (or rather my hope) is that this would export my current design to a PNG file that I can use in another program. But the exported file is “blank” (no content).

Example: Create a simple square in Carbide Create. File>Export PNG. Then open the PNG file in Preview on a Mac. Nothing there.

What am I doing wrong? Or are my expectations incorrect?

A PNG file contains no vector information at all (it is a compressed bitmap only).

It you really want a PNG file then a simple screenshot would do it and can be edited using Photoshop, gimp, Paint or whatever as pixels, fills etc.

But I suspect that is not what you want?

The Save as PNG function is intended to allow saving a greyscale depth map of the current 3D model — it results in an empty file if there is no model to export. Putting in a feature request on this now.

As noted, you can make a screengrab or export an SVG if you want the geometry.

Thanks for the ideas, problem solved…I have some fancy text that I designed in Carbide Create (for a sign) that I want to use on a Cricut vinyl cutter (for replica vinyl decals). I was able to take a screenshot, and then export the screenshot as a PNG (or JPG) that was useable in the Cricut software.

For Cricut you should have done better to export an SVG since that would have preserved the vectors.

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Yes I found that exporting a png did not give me what I expected. I got the same blank file. Does the png only populate with a grayscale image?

Yes, if you have a 3D model, or a texture, or a texture modified by a 3D model you can export it as a depth map as a PNG.

Will - I agree SVG is the best format for Cricut. I’m dealing with an issue where the SVG is getting corrupted when I send to someone else in email, so had to fall back to PNG.

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This has been asked before but again, is there cc 4.64 user guide?

Nothing specific to that version beyond the version notes.

We have:

and I wrote up a very basic introduction at:

It’s basically a text document. Maybe the other party doesn’t have a way to view it properly?

If the other person does not have an SVG viewer you can download LibreOffice. LibreOffice is open source and is similar to MS Office with one big exception, it is FREE.


Greatly appreciate all the helpful suggestions. I’m on several forums and this one is far and away the most genuine, helpful, tolerant, non-judgemental one there is…


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