Issues with font size in v5 upgrade

I use Carbide Create to make name puzzles using pocket cut outs. The font sizing on the newest build seems to be inconsistent with that of previous versions. When I insert the size 3.5 inches, in the v5 build the font is much smaller than files created with a previous version that was the same 3.5 inch font. I have downloaded and installed the font I used previously and it appears to be the same. My grid lines are 0.25 inches. A letter that is 3.5 inches tall should be 12 grids spaces tall but it is only 10. Is there some kind of setting I am missing? Any way to revert to a prior build?

Carbide Create 5 should have installed in parallel with the previous version and you should be able to select it to run.

Please send us two files: one made with CC474, the other with CC5 which shows this problem to or post them here.

Just sent a message with the files attached to the email provided. Thanks

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