Issues with script text

How do I get the letters to join as one?
Pops’.c2d (1.1 MB)

Open the file:

There are two ways to address this — Boolean operation, or a slight offset — for a Boolean operation, draw in some bit of additional geometry:

Select it and the text:

then choose Boolean Union:

Note that this is now broken up into separate geometries:

Review all the overlapping areas:

and where necessary go into Node Edit mode to clean things up:

Note that in doing so it may be helpful to preserve a given node location w/ a temporary bit of geometry:

Note that an alternative is to draw in geometry and Union it:

Repeat until all overlaps are resolved.

Note that at some points it may help to smooth out the intersections when unioning:

If Carbide Create gets confused by the overlapping:

delete what is left over:

Until one arrives at:


pops_joined.c2d (1.8 MB)


Thank you so much! It looks so much better!

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It may be simpler in Carbide Create 6 (currently available as a beta):

Open the file, converting text to paths:

Select the outlines for the text:

Boolean Union:

Zoom in and fix any areas which weren’t properly joined as before:


Alternately you could select the text, apply an external offset .0015 Verified that will work with this file.

Then delete the vectors within the text. Takes maybe 30 seconds total. This will join all the lettering giving the same effect as above.

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That’s definitely been the easiest way up to now.

In V6 you can set the spacing to 99%, which is usually enough to make the letters overlap, and then convert to curves and boolean the whole thing together.

Either way should work well, particularly with the newer boolean union command in V6.


Can you tell me what font you originally used?

The font used was Brush Script MT Italic (usually bundled w/ Windows 10).

Rob wrote up a blog post on how much easier this is in CC6:

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