Issues with Shapeoko 3 xxl ( losing position in x and cutting too deep in z)

Hello all,

I’m back with more and continuous issues with my Shapeoko 3 xxl

I’ve tried everything I know to do from checking the v wheels to rechecking the belt tensioning.

I’m losing position in x continuously and now my z is cutting nearly .5 - .8 inches too deep.

I’m at a complete loss on this machine any advice, tips, tricks, pictures would help.

Thanks in advance

The possible mechanical causes are:

It’s also possible you have a belt with a flaw or some sort of damage.

For electronics, it’s possible you could have an intermittent wiring fault (but those are usually accompanied by awful noises), or have some sort of electronic issue with a stepper driver.

The other possibility is feeds and speeds — what sort of materials are you having trouble with using what endmills?

Mdf using a 1/8 endmill is currently what I’m having issues with. The z axis just started going too deep out of nowhere

Something is Lucy Goosey

Question for Chad,

Did you make a hello world (Shapeoko) print after you assembled your machine? If you did make one, can you post a photo of it. We (experienced users) can often tell a lot about the machine from that photo.


Yea I did but I don’t have it. I’ll have to redo it. It looked messed up from what I recall but I couldn’t get the pen to stay still

Here it is. Went back through my stuff and found it.

I would like to note I use recommended feeds so maybe it’s feeding too fast for my cutter?

Looks like you’re getting some lost steps in that — please check the machine mechanically.

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How do I do that? I’m trying to figure out why there is stepping.

As will said…

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ALL your belts are probably too loose, and check ALL the set screws on all 4 pulleys. The set screws (1) must be on the motor flats and (2) need to be very tight. Here are a couple of photos to help:



I’m sorry for the confusion but where are the set screws you are mentioning? I’m not too familiar with the terminology of the machine.

the set screws are small screws in the pulleys — one is at the end of the Allen wrench in the picture on the left.

Ok thank you!! I’ll check it out!

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