Issues with Touch Probe Setup

I recently purchased a Triquetra 3-axis touch probe for use with my Shapeoko 3 XL. I’ve seen other on the forum that are using the same product successfully with their Shapeoko. However, I am having problems getting it to work.

The Triquetra documentation indicates to use the Carbide 3D touch plate wiring guide as the instructions for wiring the Triquetra (wires map as follows: red to red, black to white, and green is unused). I have the 2.4e control board that has the “reserved” header for the Carbide 3D probe. Based on the Carbide 3D guide pin 1 on the header is “green”, pin 2 is “red”, and pin 3 is “white”. So, I wired the Triquetra to pin2 and pin3 on this “reserved” header.

I am using CNC.js to send the g-code to the Shapeoko. I start a z-probe to test the touch plate. The router moves as expected but does not stop then the endmill touches the plate (i.e. it doesn’t detect the plate). Here is the g-code that is being sent:

G92 Z0
G38.2 Z-1 F3
G91 G0 Z0.05
G38.2 Z-0.2 F1
G92 Z21.3000
G91 G0 Z0.125
G91 G0 X1 F10
G91 G0 Y1 F10

I have tried a number of things to troubleshoot:

  1. Touched the two cable ends directly together as opposed to going through the plate - still no detection
  2. Tried a different cable and touched the exposed ends together in an attempt to get detection - no go
  3. Wired the cable using the older board layout as described in the Carbide 3D guide (i.e. red wire goes to a 5v pin and the white/black wire goes to the first pin the double pin header labeled “probe” on the board) - this also did not work
  4. Wired the red and black cable to the double pin header labeled “probe” as opposed to using the “reserved” header - again not working

What am I missing? Is there something else I should try. Do I need to enable something? How are others getting theirs to work? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I went through trying different options again and this time #4 from above worked. No idea why it didn’t work the first time, maybe I fat fingered something. Anyhow, it looks like the Triquetra red and black wires can be wired directly to the dual pin “probe” header. I will test with a full 3-axis probe to make sure everything is right.

It should be wired to the probe pins and works great for me. I think I was the first to purchase and use this edge finder.

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I’m trying to set this up today, but I’m not sure which wire goes where. I compared the wires to the Carbide touch probe instructions, but they use green and white. I’m guessing red on the left and black on the right?

Also, has anyone tried using this with the Carbide Software since the update to Carbide Motion 4 and GRBL 1.1?

If the light on the probe doesn’t come on, switch them. -whoops- missed you were using the triq probe, not the carbide one… in which case, it doesn’t matter which wire goes where. The black one goes onto a ground (pretty much anywhere), and the other one goes on the “probe” pin.

I checked the pins on the reserved header for my 2.4e board and the two outer pins are the ones that you want to use for the touch probe. Pin2 (center pin) is a 5v source which you don’t need for your two wire probe.

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