It Lives, Rise of the Machines!

I hope that caught someones attention!

I was running a project yesterday, a toy camel, when I think my Shapeoko 3 came alive. Could this be the harbinger of SkyNet?

Merrily it was routing out the profile almost done when it decided to sink the 1/8 inch bit no where close to the pattern. It proceeded to sever the hind legs and disembowel the camel.

After shutting down, putting the camel out of it’s misery, I checked the machine.
No stray pieces of wood blocking the gantry movement.

I use CamBam for design, simulate with Cutmill, and run with Carbide motion.

Any thoughts or are we seeing the rise of the machines?

Not a conspiracy theorist, just a movie fan…


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Where you using the flip jig? Do you have a vacuum attachment?

Just a thought but I’ve had similar issues with two-sided parts if I don’t make sure that the cutting tool sticks out enough. My vacuum attachment will get caught on the alignment nubs on the flip jig and throw X and Y out of calibration destroying the part. This usually happens right at the end of a job because that’s when the router head is cutting deep enough to get caught.


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