It's Clobbering Time

or something.

Let’s draw an image to use an etching tool on — first source a suitable material:

Then begin drawing:

Since we need multiple overlapping parts and outlines, this is a good chance to make use of the new Layers feature in CC521:

Once the drawing is complete:

It is necessary to work out the toolpaths and decide upon the figure–ground reversal aspects and so forth.

If we use a black piece of acrylic, then it should be possible to get silver by drag-etching areas — worst-case, if need be we can apply silver paint to those areas.


And here are the feeds and speeds:

and the preview seems promising:

Clobbering Time.c2d (149.8 KB)

Tweaked it a bit using 523:

Clobbering Time.c2d (149.8 KB)

Cut seems to have gone well — we’ll have to see how it cleans up:


Note that since the above was written, the MC Etcher has been added to Carbide Create: