It's great to have a CNC in a wood shop

I’m building a staked round table with 3 legs and I have intended to have conical shaped tenons going through the table top, which I could cut with tenon cutter. Today I decided that I didn’t want the tenon showing through the top, so decided to just have 2" diameter tenons and a sub-top to insert them. I don’t do much spindle turning, so my lathe isn’t long enough to handle the 30" legs.

I spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out how I was going to cut them when I remembered, hey, I have a CNC machine! I had never cut anything vertical, but a jig was very easy to make and the fusion design was super simple. 45 minutes later I had 3 perfectly cut 2" x 1.5" tenons and the project keeps rolling.


You may find the fixture which I worked up here of interest for this sort of thing:

Thanks Will. This was very quick and dirty to get the job done and keep moving, and I do want to create something more permanent and versatile. I must say, though, that this worked perfectly and I will be doing more of this in the future!

Nicely, simply, done.

100% correct, so nice to have a CNC in the shop.

Very cool application. I just ordered my xxl so I’m still new to everything bit excited to get started. Checking to see if anyone has ever made a pocket in middle of table (if existing design permits) and below pocket have a wood vice clamp. Might work for this type of application and have more x and z capabilities. When not using the pocket just put your everyday waste board over top.

Yes, folks have done that — a couple of the folks making metal beds have actually designed a clamp as part of the metal bed.

While popping in and out of threads, ive noticed a few people doing this, and it definitely opens up a whole new ball game for the CNC capabilities. I’m currently (im)patiently waiting for my machine to ship.
How much travel does the machine have beyond the wasteboard in Y- ?

This depends on which mount and which router you use. A bit over an inch or so.

I have the Beaver HDZ Z Axis and a 2.2KW Spindle. I have just over 2 1/2" past the front plate.

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