I've been busy.. ship build

(Tim) #42

thanks Leith

I did have a 3d printer before getting a NomadPro and the NomadPro easily blows away whay I tried to do with a 3d printer :slight_smile:

(Tim) #43

Frames 1-7 glued and ready.

All individually run on the Nomad pro. Using steamed swiss pear hence the colour change in the wood from blocks I then cut to size.

Each frame bar the smallest one took 2 hours a side, using the double sided machining capability.

(Tim) #44

Dry fitting the Transoms to the Stern post. A bit annoyed that I left Transom 4 & 5 in a wooden bowel and the wood stain has seeped into the wood on the Transoms.

I still need to sand the tabs off, the keel is complete and most of the external frames. I need to make a building jig this week and will then start gluing the frames to the keel.

The upper stern is proving problematic to CNC as I’ve snapped 3 cutters already so back to the drawing board.

(Leith) #45

spindles? you mean cutters surely?

(Leith) #46

me too!!! best project on this forum by far, it’s bloody amazing!!

(Leith) #47

this one is pretty cool too http://www.shipmodels.com.ua/eng/models/elite/pandora/index.htm

(Tim) #48

Yeah sorry I mean cutters

(Tim) #49

This is the model I’m basing mine on, trying to match it as close as I can.

I glued more together this morning, but need to really make the building bed jig now, it shouldn’t take too long to make but I keep putting it off.

(Tim) #50

Aligning frame to building bed, it’s slightly out at the moment and need to build another jig on the nomad

(Tim) #51

I’m struggling with a toolpath in meshcam….

I’ve done the individual frames from the side and they have come out ok, except sanding a bit off it doesn’t fit. So I want to run it in one go but meshcam decides to make the top of the frame wafer thin…?

here is the STL file, its a two sided job :frowning: I will have another go tonight.

Stern2.STL (294.5 KB)

(mikep) #52

Wafer thin in which direction? Because of the shape, there’s going to be a lot of waste from the source material.

(Tim) #53

Hi mikep wafer thin as you look at it front on, I’ve had another idea… I’m going to try

(Tim) #54

Dry fitting frames

(Tim) #55

The project is on temporary hold as 1. My wife and I have just had a little girl 2. I had a problem with my machine/laptop. 3. School boy error on the keel in sokidworks means I need to remake the 4 keel peices… I may try and make one this weekend if I get time


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(1) Congratulations!
(2) : - (
(3) : - )