Jack Daniels Bar Sign

Made this sign for my bar last night. Finished size is 20" x 16". Took nearly 8 hours to carve. Once the cutting was finished, I went over the surface with a propane torch to give it a unique finish.


That’s beautiful work. May I ask where you got the file?

What software did you use?

(Looks great, BTW.)

File was an STL from Thingiverse and a friend created the gcode for me using Vectric Aspire.

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I know this is an old thread but would anyone happen to have a gcode for this. I am struggling to get it to cut correctly using Fusion 360 and Mach3. thankyou.

You should be able to make G-Code for that using MeshCAM:

or any other 3D CAM tool.

If you have Carbide Create Pro you could use a 3rd party utility to make a pixel depth map of the SVG and cut that.

Or use the depth map & cut it in CC Pro

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