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I have a Shapeoko 3 XXL and currently have a shop vac with a dust separator. I am looking for a quieter, more reliable solution and have been reading everything I can regarding shop vacs and dust collectors on the forum but correct me of my over-simplification if I am off base.

My understanding is a dust collector will likely give me what I need and is the safer route to go in the long haul. The higher CFM the better. The smaller the micron filter the better (depending on where the return air is). Unfortunately for me, budget is the limiting factor, so I am looking to you experienced folk for assistance.

The DC will be mainly used for the CNC and occasionally a power tool or two. While, I would like to port everything to the outside, I am not sure it will be possible. I am currently looking at the Jet 650 and the Jet 1100 primarily because of the lower decible output but am open to suggestions. Would the 650 be sufficient or is there a minimum number I should be looking for? The price of the 650 with a 2 micron filter is the same price as the 1100 with a 5 micron filter. This raised the second question. Is a 2 micron filter sufficient.

Thanks in advance.


A dust collector you are looking at are called dust pumps because they push dust back into the area through the bags. For a CNC CFM is not that important because you are removing material from a very small area (what the Sweepy or similar dust shoe encloses). So a shop vac and cyclone separator are the better choice.

For the price of the dust collectors you reference a Festool shop vac is within reach but their are other options that run quiet and use two motors so overheating is not that much of an issue.

I use a 5 hp VacMaster model VWM510 that sells for about $150.00 I also use an Oneida Dust Deputy.

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I have a Jet DC 1100. It is very noisy. Bill is correct that a festool or other type like that would work for cnc. The festool is made for single tools one at a time. Many have hepa filters which your lungs will thank you for.

However; f you have a table saw the smaller systems are not adequate. You must decide what total requirements are and buy accordingly.

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I use a Festool CT26 with a separator and a long life bag. It’s much quieter than a shop vac and it keeps the dangerous particulate down. Of course you still should be wearing the proper PPE to be safe.


I have a shop vac hooked up but tend not to use it - power consumption and noise. I have an enclosure and if I’m doing heavy cuts I may use the vac, but for the others only clean up after the cut. I have a Fien Turbo and dust deputy.

I also have a Jet 1100 with the pleated filter and don’t even consider using it. DC’s rely upon moving lots of air to keep the dust moving, the dust boot has a smaller opening and will constrict the airflow.

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I had originally envisioned using my ClearVue dust collector, and an enclosure for a down draft table of sorts, but ended up ditching the idea as routing piping through my torsion box was to tedious. I never enclosed the machine either. Chips are easy enough to cleanup after the job runs. Just so that dust is kept to a minimum is the end goal.

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Thanks for the insight guys. @72begin Bill, do you have a HEPA filter you prefer for your Vacmaster? If so, do you have a link by chance? The price is certainly more affordable than the Festool, which will make this decision a bit tougher.

I use a cyclone and a shop vac. I also plumb the outlet port on the shop vac into a box that has a 1x16x20 furnace air filter to catch the fine dust. You’d be surprised what the filter catches.


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