Jewellery details from the Nomad?

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been trying to find definitive answers as to the ability of the Nomad to machine materials such as Gold and Silver, the material will be annealed so will be nice and soft.

My intention is to use the machine for custom jewellery production, so the ability to both cut the material to shape and add basic, quite intricate (if possible) initial engravings to be hand finished afterwards would be a huge plus to our little business.

Is anyone using a Nomad for this type of work that would be able to share their results/experiences? Or do the regular Nomad users have any information they’d like to pass across?

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One person has posted about this:

and there’s been some more general discussion (search on jewelry, gold, silver…) — mostly it seems to “just work”.

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Thanks for the replies, maybe I should explain a bit more about what I’m trying to achieve…

It will mainly be used for flat stock, which will then be hand formed into rings, pendents, etc. The idea is that if I were to take a 6mm wide x 2mm thick piece at whatever length (for example). I’d then like to ‘overlay’ a pattern onto the piece to get a basic outline, milled/cut as a first operation, then come back in with a fine engraving bit to add extra detailing, before hand finishing with a seperate engraving tool.

As before, stock would be mainly annealed gold and silver.

I’d imagine this machine is more than capable of relatively fine engraving/detailing having looked through some of the galleries, obviously better quality tooling and slow feed rates etc would be the way to go?

Don’t be seduced by the idea of slow feed rates — they tend to lead to rubbing and excessive tool wear — a roughing and finishing pass usually results in a better finish.

I used a similar technique in brass (V-bit for details, then a normal endmill to cut out the profile):

Thanks for the response Will.

This is a basic idea of the sort of thing I’d like the Nomad to be able to do?

I don’t have any issues doing the remaining work by hand to be honest, but the ability to machine detail to relativel;y tight tolerance (tooling permitting) would assist with extra personalistion options for customers.

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