Jewelry Tray with Mirror

Here is a quick little tray I made using the shapeoko. Some people might say that using a CNC machine is not really woodworking. I don’t have much experience, but I would say that in this regard it is no different then another tool in the shop. When you make a mistake, you still need to come up with an innovative way to fix it.

The finished product minus some little rubber feet. This is a quick, easy one day project.

1)Take a photo and bring it into Fusion 360 to start drawing.

  1. The piece I started was not square, so I used the machine to flatten the top. Double sided sticky tape holds it secure while flattening. I manually jogged the machine using a 1/2" bit to flatten. A word of advice, don’t hit page down. The bit plunged in 10mm.

  2. Flip it over and mill the 1/4" pockets

  3. Mill the 1" deep slot with a 1/8" bit

  4. Now with that done, how should we go about fixing that nice little hole I made? While pondering this I came up with the idea to do some inlay.

  5. Mill the mating pieces with oak 1/8" veneer. This is the part I’m curious everyone with more inlay experience has. In Fusion you can use the offset (O) tool when in sketch mode to size slightly smaller mating pieces. What has everyone been using as an offset size? I milled the mating pieces 3 times. The third time, I used 0.01" offset and it was still probably too tight. I really had to hammer those in.

  6. Danish oil time.


Nice project, I really like the geometric inlay detail you added - what a nice solution.

…and i spy an electric smoker - I use mine as often as possible!


My definition of woodworking and CNC work-

If the piece is finished 100% by CNC and no other process, then it isn’t woodworking.

If there are other processes involved to prep or finish the piece , then the CNC is just another tool used in woodworking.

Nice piece and design.

That has got to be a bot, right?

Yes, deleted and blocked.