Job Finish Movement after completing the program? Can this be turned off?

I did an operation last night to engrave a tray and did not take into account that the machine would lift and go back after completing the cutting. I ended up digging into the side of the tray as I had to work to mill inside of it.

Is it possible to turn this feature off or just lift the bit up from zero? I like it for most jobs but in this case it messed up a $50 tray.



I’m assuming your Z-Zero was below the highest point of the side of the tray. When setting up your Job in CC, you can specify the tool retract height. So you’d have to take that into account during set up. For example, if you have a piece of material with a pocket of 1/4" already cut, and then you’re going to do a v-bit carving inside the pocket, then you’d be setting your z from the bottom of the pocket. You would set the retract height to something more than 1/4".


Always preview any complex work, or better still, cut a copy in a piece of scrap or foam first before committing any material which you’re not willing to risk.

You can edit the G-Code to adjust the behavior at the end, or use the Safety Height feature as @MaxamillionX72 noted.


That gets me sometimes too.
I started editing the last part of the code, simply removing the M code (Program end).
The machine will stop at the last line, that way.


Thanks for the quick responses!

So I didn’t and rarely use Create because I have V Carve as Create didn’t exist when I started. The v carve went great it was after the engraving it went to x/y zero then up(z) and back (y) away from the front of the machine. I assumed this started when I updated Carbide Motion a year or so ago, but maybe it is something with V Carve. I ran a test cut by my brain didn’t even think about it even though I had to remove dust collection and other things to fit inside the walls of the tray.

I have never tried to edit the g code but removing the M code? How easy would that be to do?

Picture of the tray. Unfortunately my buddy was masking the damage in the tray when sending the picture off. It now has a custom spoon holder where it was nicked.

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Just right click the cut file you saved from vcarve select open with and choose notepad.Within notepad scroll down to the bottom and delete the M02 as jerry stated.


P.s came out nice and awesome recovery making the ding a spoon holder


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