Job for hire/request section?

I know there are a lot of extremely talented CNC experts on this site, and it would be very nice to be able to commission some work to be done from the community. For instance if I wanted to purchase a flag or a sign or something similar I could go to the Job for hire/community market section and put up a want add.


That would have to be something which @robgrz and @Jorge and @edwardrford would have to put in place. I don’t think it would happen, since my understanding is we want this to be a forum for communication and sharing and would rather people put files up on cutrocket than behind some sort of paywall.

If people wish to do that, that is of course their choice and perfectly acceptable, but it’s not something which we are likely to devote resources to facilitating.


In the same vein, and glad I found this before posting, is it against the TOS to try and contract out work if you need help with a project? I need help with a 3D project and would much rather pay someone than rely on someone’s generosity, especially while I think a lot of people are looking for extra income.



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I think if you posed a question about how to approach a specific task openly, and allowed folks to discuss it, but included at the bottom of your initial post that you would be open to hiring someone if they approached you about it in a direct message that would be fine.

It would be nice if as part of that you allowed things to be openly discussed and the problem worked out, but so long as the actual transaction openly announced up-front, and handled discretely privately, so long as there aren’t any complaints or issues raised in public, and it doesn’t hinder open discussion about the ideas and concepts of the CAD/CAM it should be fine.

This is of course my viewpoint, and while I do moderate here, it is subject to adjustment by the folks who are in charge, so if @robgrz or @edwardrford or @Jorge chime in, they can edit my post, or inform us of what the actual guidelines are.

That said, we try hard to create didactic content, and would be glad of the chance to guide you through such projects — that’s where a lot of the tutorials come from is requests on the support queue, so please, post away and don’t view it as a distraction — it’s a chance to give us the chance to help you and other customers (I wouldn’t have a job if folks didn’t need help).


I’m on several fb groups and a couple allow this sort of thing, but just VERY general post asking for private messaging to take place and the acknowledgment that any disputes are still private between the two parties. Makes getting help at least available. And a lot is asking about local help…


appreciate the help, I’ll submit a post about what I’m running into and put a note at the bottom about happy to pay for someone’s time and talent. At the end of the day, I’m really trying to learn 3D but my min seems to only work in 2D mode!


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