Job Setup wont let me change Stock Size Width

So I am using CC514. I created a job and set the Width to 9.5 inches and Height to .75 inches. However that .75 will not set. If I open the Job Setup the Height is set to 0.984. I can change the width no problem but not the height. Attached is the file

microgig.c2d (10.8 KB) (12.7 KB)


That would seem to be the smallest allowed dimension:

It makes a bit more sense maybe if you view it in metric:

Well I have never run in to that limitation before. I set the origin to the center left so I could go ahead and cut the job. The job is just three holes that I need centered and 4 inches apart to fit on a MicroJig miter bar. So I was able to cut t he job by changing the origin from lower left to center left and lining up on that.

Thanks Will, again.

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