Jog fix request for CM on Nomad

I’ll describe the problem, and let folks digest the solution…

  1. Enter jog mode to set x/y/z, the machine homes and measures tool
  2. Use xyz to touch the tool to the workpiece and zero all
  3. Exit jog, but leave the tool in contact with the workpiece

…now you are stuck. You have no way to retract the tool other than to RUN your program and abort it, because re-entering jog causes the machine to re-home. However, instead of withdrawing Z first, Nomad will go full Y+ to begin homing and then Z+, dragging the tool across the face of the workpiece, ruining the workpiece at best, breaking the tool at worst. Luckily, I was working on plastic, so no tool harm.

So I guess the fix request is, if you enter jog at any time, go full Z+ BEFORE XY to home and not make assumptions about where the tool head is relative to the workpiece?


Is this in CM3 or CM4?

Perhaps after setting your zeroes you could jog the z upwards before exiting the jog menu. The zero you set for it shouldn’t be lost.

I’m using CM 4.0.410

And of course, retracting the tool would be a good idea before exiting jog. But if you don’t remember to do that, I think CM should handle it more gracefully than wrecking your workpiece or your tool.

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Was the job you’re doing created with Carbide Create? When I use that I set a retract height then when I hit run in CM3 the tool retracts that height and I’m asked to insert the correct tool before continuing.

The job was created using MeshCam Art - imported a bitmap and contoured shape. However, I believe this jog/homing behavior has nothing to do with the software that’s used to create the job.

Yes, if you RUN it will retract Z before homing. I’m assuming this is why it hasn’t been surfaced before, on the basis that the user always does things correctly or that you would never go into jog more than once with the tool touching the piece.

Running the job is the emergency escape if you exit jog before withdrawing the tool; start the job then abort it to get the tool away from the piece before you try and jog again.

But again, if you FORGET to retract Z before you exit jog, there’s no way to get the tool away from the piece unless you run the job. You are given the option to jog, but there lies destruction as previously stated.

I’m not quite understanding why you would need to jog again after setting everything up to run. When I hit run it retracts, asks for the correct tool, then starts working when I hit continue. It doesn’t head for home … it moves to the job start position and starts the job immediately.

What if you realized you incorrectly set your zeroes and you don’t want to run the job?

I’d start run, to get it to retract, then abort and begin again. Perhaps a software tweak would make that easier though.