Jogging - jumping two steps

Hi All, I’ve noticed that when I try to zero the Nomad quiet often it will jump two steps as I jog. So, if I’m trying to move at 0.025mm on a single mouse click one press on the mouse often results in a 0.05mm move. Does anyone else have this problem?

Yes, but ONLY when I use the touch screen (MIcrosoft Surface Pro 3). If I use a mouse, just single movements. If I use the Microsoft pen, just single movements. It is only when I use the touch screen it will move twice as far (every time).


How strange, I’m using my mouse pad, sometimes it moves by the set amount, other times it moves twice as much!

Does it move twice as far, in a single movement.
Or do you hear it make two distinct movements?

I’ve noticed both, the problem I have with the Microsoft touch screen results in a single movement that goes twice as far. I also have the random (1 in 20) times where a single click results in two distinct movements. My theory is this, when the math in the software results in a number that the stepper motors can’t actually “do” the machine responds by moving twice. I noticed that there were certain values (talking the true/reported coordinates in carbide motion) that the machine would always step over.

Yes I agree with you, I think it’s possibly a rounding issue.
I press one click and I hear 2 distinct moves, it’s also evident from the x, y, z readout that the machine has actually moved two steps. It’s quiet annoying, especially if my zero point sits directly over where the machine will not do a single step, it results in me not being able to position the cutter directly on the zero

There is a guy doing a zeroing tutorial on YouTube and he also mentions it happens with his set up…

I experience this too, but much less often with a quick stab on the keyboard of the < and > keys (technically the comma and fullstop keys).

The current carbide motion supports also supports arrow keys for X and Y, but for me these work only after you’ve clicked on these buttons on the screen first.

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I’ve had this happen on my Nomad and SO3. Tracked it down to a slow computer buffering I think. Haven’t had it happen with my RCA Cambio on either machine.

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