Joining vectors Texas style

Given a file with geometry which describes the regions one wants:

It’s a straight-forward matter to draw in additional geometry and arrive at geometry which describes the regions one might want to assign toolpaths to.

Yee Haa. Love the Texas flag. Trivia, Texas is the only state flag allowed to be raised to the same level as the US flag. Because Texas was once a sovereign state that is allowed.

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First, draw in rectangles which describe the regions one wants to cut (presumably an approximation of the Texas flag):

Select the outline of the state:

copy it, then paste it in place (by moving the cursor out of the drawing area and then pasting)

Select the duplicate and one of the rectangles:

and choose the “Trim Vectors” command:

click on the sections which one does not want, to remove them:



Use the “Join Vectors” command to close the geometry:

If necessary, recreate the rectangle, then duplicate the state outline again and repeat, this time preserving the outer portion:



Join Vectors

If need be, draw in the necessary geometry using the Polyline tool:

Repeat for the other regions until one arrives at:

Select the open vectors:

and delete them:

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Love Texas! Would love it better if we got some rain though!

We did Sunday and Monday. About enough to get the sidewalk wet. Trees are shedding leaves and my grass looks about dead. The good news is it was under 100 Mon and Tuesday. About 90-95 which is bearable. Was able to get some painting done outside today. This is a community project for a sewing club at Nacgodoches Senior Citizens Center


How about giving Will’s tutorials some respect and keeping the thread on topic?

@WillAdams I don’t use CC, its hard to imagine the results of the trim and delete operations on the last few screen captures. Thanks.

Trying to strike a balance between providing enough guidance to do something, but not overwhelming folks w/ minutiae which will be glossed over.

If anyone using Carbide Create has a problem, upload the file and post a screen grab showing the difficulty and we will work through it.

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So you feel my pain! Lol!

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