Joining vectors together

Given a file:

which one wants to have only closed vectors which describe geometry suited to cutting, one needs to first simplify things by removing any doubled up geometry:

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Select geometries which overlap and use the Trim Vectors tool to remove any unneeded sections:


use the Join Vectors tool to close the fixed geometries:

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Repeat for each other section where there are overlaps:

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Where necessary, draw in geometry to allow Trim Vectors to work:


Repeat until one arrives at:


Thank you, William. I’ve been following this process, basically (with the exception of drawing additional shapes – started doing that this morning).

I guess I just need to keep at it. It feels like sometimes it works, and sometimes not.

Again, thank you!

If you encounter an action which doesn’t work, let us know at or post the specifics (and the file) here — the above writeup resulted in one bug report — tip: if you get stuck by something not working as expected, export as an SVG and reimport — as a fall-back, if need be, export as an SVG, open and fix in a 3rd-party tool, then re-import.

I did e-mail a finished file through support — does that not work for you?

Hi again Will, and everyone at Support.

I’m really sorry to be bugging you again. But the file you sent had one error in the design
labyrinth screenshot
. I’ve been trying to fix it, but every time I manage to delete the two vertical vectors, it leaves the remaining vectors open (pink).

I’ve circled the vector that I need to delete.

You all have the patience of saints. I’ve been working at this for several hours, and finally decided to send it back to you. Thank you for your help.

We load the image to guide what needs to happen:

We then use the Layer to show the geometry we need:

We select and copy-paste the geometry:

and move things to the Default layer and hide the Template layer:

We then draw in geometry to isolate the geometry we need:

and use Trim Vectors to isolate the geometry we need:

and as needed, Node Edit:

until one has the geometry one needs;

Then repeat this for the closed geometry:

and use Node Edit to cut geometry:

Then select the geometry:

and use Join Vectors to close things:

Thanks, Will.

This is getting me closer, tho I still seem to be missing something. I will get this!

PS. Don’t they ever give you a day off?


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