Jointing Wood (With a router table!)

I see a lot of folks in the CNC community shy away from making their own stock especially if it requires jointing edges together because the common thought is … “I need a jointer to get a nice clean joints” BUT I do see that a lot of you have router tables and GUESS WHAT you CAN use your router to get beautiful joints in cupped/bowed/warped wood edges.

I use this method a lot because while I have access to a jointer it’s not at home where my S3 is and I tend to do a lot of my projects at home in general.

One thing I don’t talk about very much on the video is the router bit. Any flush trim/straight edge bit will work here, but I use a Whiteside RFT5200: because…

  1. I wanted an UpSpiral bit so that it pulled the majority of the chippings down into the table
  2. Unlike a straight flush-trim bit a spiral produces a sheering motion and has less of the bit in contact with the wood at any given time
  3. I wanted 2" of cutting length for when working with 12/4 and 16/4 stock (the idea of a cheaply made china-bit used in this application scares the sh*t outta me). I recommend using an adjustable speed router if using the full 2" of Cutting length.

Good explanation and video. One MAJOR issue is that your FINGERS are getting close to the bit while you are really bearing down on pushing the stock through. GET YOURSELF A SET OF PUSHBLOCKS! they are cheap and will keep your fingers intact.
That bit (or any router bit can eat you up in a microsecond. It is usually turning 10 times faster than a table saw.


My push blocks are actually in one of the cabinets in that router table… you know how it is. But yes, do as I and @Liferj say not as I do :wink:


Sorry I sounded harsh, but I cringed seeing how hard you were pushing and how close your digits were to the bit. Be safe. You can’t grow new fingers

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It’s okay, I cringed everytime I slipped in that video and said ‘outfield’ instead of ‘outfeed’. It’s tough to record yourself, figure out what to say, and look good and safe doing it.

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