Joystick inbuilt in a mouse for Jogging 'pendant' perhaps!

Just backed this on kstarter
primarily a gaming mouse, but 2! inbuild joysticks. Clearly cant test till campain is done and shipped in June, but figure it could also be used to jog the spindle on Shapeoko in combo with bCNC or the like.

Anyway thought I’d share for the curious.


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Looks pretty cool. Reminds me a tiny bit of the “Space Mouse” I use for CAD at work:

Quite a bit different, and the Space Mouse gets paired with a regular mouse, but the leaning full hand joystick idea is similar. The one I use (for Catia, not motion control) drives me insane personally, I just use my regular mouse most of the time, but many of our hardcore designers love them. Now paired up with motion control on an SO3 it might be super cool indeed. I’m currently using a wireless 10 key for my motion control and it’s the shiznits! Looking forward to hearing your findings, new hardware is always cool!



nice one.
reckon i’ll get a keypad in the mean time. Many membes seem to recomend them.


The numeric keypads are the low hanging fruit for this.

One can use a gaming control by remapping keys — I’ve done that w/ a Wii Remote, but it’s not as nice as the analog control.

Chilipeppr and bCNC support using a Contour Design ShuttleXpress as a pendant — I actually picked one up intending to use it with a drawing program but there was some key which it won’t support right in the key re-mapping.

I’m surprised anybody finds the wireless number pad useful anymore. I’m using CM 407 and only the X and Y jog functions are mapped to the keypad. That might be useful if the jog increment was also mapped to the keypad, but it’s not. Nor is there any Z-axis functionality at all.

I’d love to design a custom remote pendant with a D-pad for my SO3, but it’s not worth the effort without more jog functionality - at a minimum, selectable jog increment. I don’t even use my wireless keypad anymore because I still have to hover over the PC keyboard for the functions that aren’t available on the keypad.

When the Carbide3D dev team turns their attention back to CM, it would be great to get all the important jog functions mapped to the keypad. Also, I’d like to see all of the CM GUIs fit onto one PC screen so I don’t have to scroll up and down constantly. This would also enable the up/down arrows to be used strictly for jogging instead of being used for scrolling first and then jogging once the end of the GUI is reached. (This may not make sense to those who don’t use the keypad for jogging.)

What do you say Carbide? I promise to post a nice write-up for a custom remote pendant if you’ll take care of your end.

Update to CM 4.0.412, the 10 key works as it did in previous CM3 releases. Y on 2 and 8, X on 4 and 6, Z on 9 and 3, hit Num lock and you have increments on 1-4.


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Thanks! I didn’t know there was anything more recent than 407 available. I guess I checked the blog for updates, but there was no blog post about updates after 407. My fault for not looking in the right place.

I guess I have a jog pendant to build! I’ll try to get it done soon and I’ll post in a new thread when I have it done. I have an idea for making one that should be relatively easy for others to duplicate.

Using a cheap tablet (I just picked one up for ~$60) works really well too as a pendant. I know some people have been driving their SO3 directly from it, but I find it works really well as just a web-based panel to CM on the “real machine” that’s hooked up to the shapeoko.

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